Tourist Visa

As on April, 2013, electronic visas have started to be issued for tourists who want to visit Azerbaijan according to the Article 14 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan numbered 813, dated June 14, 1994 on “Passports, departure and arrival to the country”. According to the same law, tourists can apply online to licensed tourism companies and their foreign partners for a tourist visa.

The application form placed in te web sites of these tourism companies should be filled in and sent to the licensed tourism companies or their foreign partners alongside with scanned copies of the person’s passport, photograph.

Tourism companies licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their foreign partners can apply to the Embassy, consulate and directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs online to get the electronic  tourist visas. The applications are sent to the relevant government institution as the final instance after being considered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Eventually, electronic visas are issued or refused for foreigner who want to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The list the documents to be attached to visa applications of foreigners will be determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the amount of the state fee charged is determined according to the “Law on State Duties”. The period of electronic visas can not be extended and their status can not be changed.

Visa applications shall be considered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within fifteen working days the latest from the date of application.

The electronic visas are not sticked to the passport but presented together with the passport while crossing the border check-point. Necessary records about the person’s entry to and departure from the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan are made in the pasports and visas while crossing the border check-point. The electronic visa has a special code readable by relevant technical equipment.

Diplomatic, service passport holders and the persons who visit Azerbaijan for tourism purposes can also use the tourist visas.

The tourists who have obtained an online visa can enter and leave the territory of The Republic of Azerbaijan from border crossing points with international status. 

The list of tourism companies engaged to online visa granting procedure for foreign citizens traveling to the Republic of Azerbaijan 

E-visa application form